When magic is at your fingertips…

 … it will take your breath away!

I took so many pictures of this sunset – and each is a little different than the others. You have no idea how hard it was to just pick out a few to show you. I am sure I will throw in more in the weeks to come, either here or in my other blog, but for now I will leave you with these three.  I suggest you look at them large to get the full effect.




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  1. Breathtaking…

  2. It really was Ron – nothing like being in the right place at the right time.

  3. Those are beautiful! I especially enjoyed the first image. I love when a strip of cloud is in front of the sun.

  4. Thank you so much Nate! I agree with you about the strip of cloud in front of the sun… I also like it when there is a strip of cloud in front of the moon. For some reason it just seems to bring out the ‘pop’ effect. Thanks for stopping by, and for your kind comments.

  5. Wow what a shot, all three are really nice, but the top and bottom images are something special. Great work 🙂

  6. Bernie thank you so much!

  7. Wow, Truddle! I’m speechless (something my husband will tell you rarely happens…lol!). These are amazing.

  8. Thank you so much Robin – While sitting on the rock watching the above scene unfold before me I had goosebumps – it was even more beautiful in real life, but when I came home and took the pictures off my camera it was almost like reliving the moment. No editing required – who can argue with the paint brush of mother nature! She really deserves all the credit for these photo’s – all I did was click the button.

  9. Wow! That was beautiful. And to think how many times in our lives we are given the opportunity to witness something so beautiful and how many times we let it happen without honoring it this way. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures.

  10. Thanks Bibliomom — to witness something such as this sunset is truly a blessing in disguise — a gift if you will of something so spectacular. I am so glad I invested in my camera so that I could capture the true beauty and share it with all of you. I am going to print these pictures and hang them somewhere in my home to remind me to take the time to seek out the beauty offered.

  11. What a lovely spot. You must have been in heaven. Wonderful photo. I am so happy you brought this back from your travels.

  12. David thank you, yes it did feel like heaven 🙂 I am so glad you were able to stop by and see.

  13. Oh my God… that’s beautiful… You can find the slight changes in the colours, the beauty of a sunset. In few seconds, you have a world of colours opening to yourself. Lovely.

  14. bbZuSh thank you so much for your kind comments — it was very much like sitting on top of the word wrapped within the comforts of mother nature – a healing of sorts!

  15. Absolutely gorgeous. Mother Nature’s magnificence is stupefying, at times.

  16. Thank you Corina, and you are right it is stupefying!

  17. awesome sunset shots! i love the first one, the sun is so big and round! haha

  18. Thanks so much Ankush!

  19. Greetings. Saw your picture of Lexie – how cute.
    I just wanted to check whith you and see if we cuold use your sunset and lexie pictures on the Tuwanke Portal.
    I would love to give you credit for them as they are stunning.

    Chris and Krista….
    Lexie sends hugs and best wishes.

    PS – I just put up a new picture of her in front of the day spa

  20. Chris and Krista;

    Thank you so much for your kind comments on my photographs. I have emailed you 🙂

    (Note to other visitors: I have granted Chris a one time use licence to display the photographs on the above mentioned website. If you get the chance to visit with Lexi, I highly recomend it… but bring cookies!)

  21. You had such a great picture of Lexie….I thought I would send you this link as she passed away yesterday.


    Thought you might like to know…

  22. Lexies Memorial Slideshow

    I thought you might want to see the great work she did…

    You can see it on http://www.tuwanek.com


    Thank you so much for your great pictures. We will treasure them.

    Chris and Krista and all the Gang at The Tuwanek Hotel

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