So fresh home from our week away in the small community of Tuwanek. With only 682 pictures it is going to be hard to select which ones to show to you, and in which order.

There is no way I can give you a day by day play back – so for the next while I am going to show you random pictures taken through out the week. I will try to sort them somewhat to make it a bit easier … well ok easier for me to know which ones I have shown you.

The first thing you will want to do is go to the Tuwanek website which is located at http://www.tuwanek.com/

Here you will get a better idea of the area we were in, and it will save me tons of typing!

 This area is about 70 miles, as the crow flies from where I live…. a half hour or so helicopter flight, or a 9 hour trip with ferry rides and waits… which is the way Jamie and I traveled. Two ferrys to get there and home – that is a lot of time sitting waiting for the next ferry to come in.

We were happy to reach our destination to Creekside Cottage at the end of a long day of travelling. We sought out the hot tub to ease away travel aches fairly quickly!

Throughout the trip we were blessed with viewings of several birds.








Our cottage was 10 paces from the beach across the road – yes we counted!  The dock in the first picture was one of the first things you noticed when you looked out the window. Not sure what type of birds those are or what they are doing but they were fun to watch and I have several pictures of this group doing… well doing I’m not sure what.

The last picture of the seagull was taken from the ferry window on our way home. Stay tuned more pictures to come, but for now it is time to find some lunch…

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  1. Welcome back truddle. Great captures, the first two especially so. Ron.

  2. Thanks so much Ron!

  3. Photos of birds are perhaps my favorite thing and you have done so much here. Very nice photography. You live in such a wonderful part of our continent. Please tell more about what it is like to live there when you have time.

  4. David, what a nice compliment thank you! I hope I will be able to share more about where I live in upcoming posts.

  5. wow, beautiful photos, i love the first one.

  6. Thanks Ankush – you are far to kind!

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