The Feather

This past summer Kiwi spent many hours enjoying the freedom of outside, happy to chase grasshoppers and other various bugs – and then one day I noticed that he was watching as the birds flew over head. He was fascinated and would spend many hours just laying in the grass watching. You could almost hear him thinking ‘Ultimate Grasshopper!”

Soon the birds got used to Kiwi being out and about, and they started to ignore him, as they landed in the trees, and went from the trees to the ground gathering seeds from the winters leftover grasses. Kiwi was amazed. Soon he started to stalk. But being young and inexperienced he always missed his mark. Disappointed he would walk away to again lay wait in the long grass. His persistence and patience really was amazing.

During this time our two eldest grand-daughters came for a weeks visit. It was routine that every morning the girls would go with Grandpa, Dudley and Bailey for a long walk into the woods in the back 30. On these walks the girls would find all sorts of treasures. From rocks to sticks, all were collected – being special treasures for reasons only understood by a little girl.

On one such morning walk the girls found a feather, and when returning to the house they put the feather in a bucket on the stairs of Dudley’s yard.

As Jamie and I sat on the steps discussing the plans for the day, Kiwi came up to us to say hello. Spotting the bucket his curiosity kicked in and he stuck his nose in the bucket, and soon out popped his head with the feather in his mouth.  He looked so proud! He had finally caught his bird!


Kiwi spent the next couple of weeks playing with this feather. Packing it in and out of the house. He was so proud of that feather. He would hold his head high with pride as he moved it from one location to the next. Never once through this whole time did he pay any attention to the birds that flew overhead, or even the ones who were brave enough to land right beside him. He was happy with just his feather. It was so fun to watch.

Looking at this picture again this morning brought that time back into focus – and in the story there seems to be a message. 

When presented with that feather as a found gift, would you appreciate it?

Think about it for a minute – Kiwi could have passed that feather by, leaving it to sit in the bucket. He could have carried on waiting and wishing for his bird, but if he had done that think of all the fun, pleasure and pride he would have missed.

I think that I am going to be on the lookout for a feather, and when I find that feather I am going to put it in a frame and hang it on my wall as a reminder to myself that I don’t always need the whole bird, that sometimes in life a feather is enough!

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  1. What a great story! It started out a little frightening for a bird lover such as me…but ended well!


  2. Would you believe I have a little collection of feathers? My pride and joy is an eagle’s feather that fell from the sky while my husband and I were out canoeing on a lake (‘up north’) in Wisconsin. The eagle had been flying overhead and the feather slowly came floating down as we bobbed in the water waiting for it.

    One of the kittens found a goose feather in a bucket near the back door where I throw such things when I come in from the pond, and she’s been carrying it around much the same way you describe Kiwi and his feather.

    Something else to add to the list. 🙂

  3. Thanks DL!

  4. Robin what an awesome story about your eagle’s feather! To funny about your kitties — and yes that list keeps growing!

  5. Truddle, I know I say this all the time, but this was a beautiful post. And I love your question about whether we would know the value of that feather if we got it as a gift.

  6. Thanks Beth!

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