Save your files – Save your sanity!

Another one of my first day photo’s from August of this year. Crows are not normally my favorite bird, but somehow this one just had a peaceful look about him, standing ankle deep in water, just staring out past the water’s edge, almost begging to have his picture taken. Perhaps he had a story to tell and I looked like a good candidate?


Well here we are Friday! My official last day of work until the 22nd of October — today will be busy!

I had a not so nice surprise yesterday morning when I came into my office and pushed the buttons to flash up my computers. My new computer started right up – my old one gave me the black screen of Boot Failure. Ummm Hello! The old computer is where I have all my important work files, all my pictures, all my music… well all my stuff — this just is not happening! (can you sense a little tone of panic?)

Why had I not dealt with this before now? Why did I put it off – I knew this was coming!

Breath Truddle Breath… Think ….

One more time… I just need it to boot one more time, and then I can get my stuff saved! Unplug the power – take the side panel off – unplug the hard drive – plug everything back in reverse order… push the boot button – say a silent prayer — it’s up and running! Thank you!

  1.  – clear cache, cookies, history and all that lovely stuff that will bog down a computer.
  2.  – Delete as many large none urgent programs and files as possible — the ones that I can get again easy.
  3.  – Make 6 new folders on my desk top
  4.  – Start pulling files into these 6 folders, sorting the best  I can
  5.  – Start the burn

 The above took up most of my day, and part of my night too. I now have all my important work files on disk — and only my pictures and music left to go. This will get done sometime today, between all the other things I need to do. I still have to do a test run with the disks to make sure everything is there that I want, but once that is a go, I will delete all those files off the old computer – doing the same with my pictures and music. Once I know I have everything, and only then, I will shut down the old computer and see if it will start up again. I hope so… and I really hope it is not the hard drive on its way out… I have become used to having two computers! But as Jamie said even if it is the hard drive, we can always get another one of those. So after the whirlwind panic, I am hoping today will be a little less stressful!

I sent Sharlyn and Jamie off the grocery store last night with the list of things I needed for our Thanksgiving dinner on Monday, so that is one less thing I have to worry about. Anyone who asked if they could bring anything was told they didn’t have to bring anything, but if they wanted to they could bring a salad. There will be 15 of us here for dinner so it could turn out we have a lot of Salad. My mom is going to bring the pumpkin pie, which Sharlyn is going to help her make. Jamie and I will do the turkeys (we have two), potatoes, cranberry sauce, veggies, buns, and something more vegetarianish for Brittany. It should be a good dinner.

Then Tuesday morning around 8ish Jamie and I will hit the trail. This will give us time to stop somewhere for breakfast before hitting up the ferry lineup. As excited as I am for our trip to start, I don’t want to wish it here any faster than it will arrive on its own. The anticipation of the wait is part of the fun!

And so off I go to get this day started….

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  1. You’ve reminded me that I need to back up my stuff, too. I keep putting it off and that’s a very bad idea.

    That’s a great photo of a crow. 🙂

    Can I join you for dinner? That all sounds so delicious!

  2. Horror of horrors, Truddle! I’m glad you were able to salvage. Your troubles are sending me to look for an online backup solution.

  3. Robin by all means pack your bags and your salad and come on over – I’d love to have you for dinner!

    Robin and Beth – Back up those files today!

  4. Cute crow, the backup horror sounds worthy of Poe…

  5. Very worthy of Poe!

  6. awww.. even though I am sitting here totally content with how my life is going.. happy that I will have two thanksgiving dinners to go to.. I hear of you preparing for yours.. and I wish I was able to be there.. more and more I am realizing how important family is and just because of a many year seperation doesn’t make you guys any less family.. so on thanksgiving I will be saying my prayers and you will be the center of them this year.. I wish I were there.. take care my mommie.. xoxox ps. what kind of camera do you have .. we are planning on buying one in the near future and are debating between which one to get.. any wise words on this subject??

  7. Love the crow. They are very smart I hear. Guess that is why they are so successful at being pests sometimes. Very compelling image with the bird in silouhette.

  8. Thanks so much Nouveaufauves!

  9. Shelley there is a bond that will never be broken- we both know that. I wish you were here to, but I know you need to be there, so as in years past I trust that what is – needs to be.
    My camera is a Nikon.

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