Dig Deeper…

When I first got my new camera this past summer I was so impressed with all the little things that showed up in the pictures – I was in love – still am in fact. This is one purchase I do not regret!

This seagull picture was one one the first pictures I took that first day with my camera. He was across the road, high up on a light standard. When I got home and plugged in the chip and seen the picture I was fasinated – not so much by the bird, but by the fact I could actually see the poop up there! I knew from that moment I would never look back. You can get a gist of what I mean by looking at the picture in large size.


There is a new lesson I have learned over the couple of months that I have had this camera, one far more important that seagull poop – the lesson to look beyond the picture – to notice the little things, appreciate the little things, and marvel in the little things, much the same as I did when I first seen the seagull picture.

I feel so charged this morning. I slept in until 4:15 which was really nice – I know it doesn’t sound like much of a sleep in to a lot of you, but the past week or so I have been waking up at 3:45, so this morning was an extra half hour, and it was wonderful! I have managed to scratch off several things off of my to do list already since I woke up.

We told Sharlyn and Brittany that they could go ahead and have the halloween party this year, but not to expect a haunt. They are happy to just be allowed to have the party, as a couple of weeks ago even that was not sounding good. Previous party goers have been asking for months now if there will be a party this year – they will be happy to know there will be! This party has become the go to party for halloween — to funny! So what do you think — should Jamie and I haunt?

You know, this morning is dull and drippy outside, and the colors seem muted from my view out the window… but somehow that does not matter today — it is like there is a bright sun burning brightly on my insides – and no I haven’t had that much coffee yet this morning – it just feels like there has been a turning – a change if you will, and all things are right again. Whatever force that has been weighing me down the last week or two has left.  It is good – it is very, very good!

I so want to take some time to explore this more, to sit here and write great flourishing posts for you to read, with words of wisdom hidden within the lines – but for now I have to wait for there are still several more things I need to cross of my list. Perhaps I will be able to make it back here a bit later today.

But for now I will leave you with this challenge – take the time today to notice the little things, look beyond the big picture and dig deeper!

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  1. Beautiful post as usual, Truddle. But I think I should have waited a little longer in the day to look at the picture. I saw the poop. [insert slightly sickened swallow here]

    Just kidding.

  2. Thanks Beth! (To funny about the poop)

  3. As the mother of a one year old poop is a common theme in most of my days. Not seagull poop of course but one year old poop. The day that my daughter walked up to me and said, “I poop” was phenomenal. I was so excited. Here was my daughter, less than a year and half, putting together a two word utterance. As someone whose chosen field is child development things like this are celebrated. So this morning the little pumpkin was sitting at the table and I could smell her. I said, “Did you poop?”. She plugged her nose, looked up at me with her huge blue eyes and said, “Yucky”. So I agree with you to look beyond the poop to find the smallest of significances.

  4. As a mom to 5 I can totally relate to the excitement !

  5. I going to look beyond the poop in your shot to the beautiful blue skies in the back ground 🙂

  6. Thanks Bernie – the blue sky was the next thing I noticed after the poop – I was just so thrilled that the color was so true and clear. I seriously love this camera! After years of the point shoot, develop, and throw away cameras, and then a few more of point and shoot digitals — this one is something else again. Every day I learn something new about the camera, every picture I take teaches me a little more – best investment I ever did make!

  7. What you are saying is helpful to me. And I like seagulls a lot! This one has a nice personality. He is not mad like some of the ones I have shot. Maybe it’s because he’s looking at a nice, gentle person instead of a Larry David clone.

  8. Maybe this one was in a good mood because I asked for permission before clicking — something weird I have gotten into the habit of doing.

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