I Just Do – It Just Is…

I thought perhaps I would listen to my ipod this morning – music always seems to bring out the words that are resting inside of me – waiting to come forward.  But instead of music, my ipod gives me the message “Please wait – very low battery” It is now plugged in getting recharged….

I wonder if I made a sign and taped it to my back with that very message – “Please wait – very low battery” someone would plug me in, and give me that recharge?!?! Knowing my family – they probably would. Truddle~Land can be a very Kooky place so wearing a sign like that would not really be out of the ordinary, and in fact has been done before.

Many years ago (ok really it was not that many) – Jamie was busy working outside, Sharlyn was being his helper on this day, and was forever being sent on missions to receive this or that from here or there. Back and forth this child went – until at near the end of the day Jamie turned to ask for yet another item that was required for the task at hand, and there sat our daughter on the hill – looking into the distance at some unseen place, and attached to the back of her shirt was a sign that said “Out of Order”. The hint was well taken, and we called it a day.

We still chuckle about this moment with our daughter – how precious those memories are now!

I think that it is very wise to take the trip back in time, to revisit old memories as they really do help when your inner self is flashing you the message of “Very low battery”


I tend to ramble – I am sure that you have come to that realization all on your own.

I come here with the need to post – never knowing what I am going to say when I get here…. but the words come – from where I am not always sure. My organized clutter perhaps, it is the same when I post pictures. No rhyme or reason – I just do – it just is. I let the words and images go, allowing them the freedom to arrange themselves – for whatever reason it works for me.

As I look over at my ipod, there is a new message – “Charging” – it is true, in more ways than one. Seems today I will take the messages where ever I can get them.

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  1. hahahaha Out of Order….i’m gonna have to try that one!!!!

  2. The droplets, the subtle color, beautiful Truddle.

  3. Wonderful post and what a beautiful image!!!

  4. Oh, DLWH!

  5. Reading your post recharged me!

  6. I just love the way you write. So deep and thoughtful. It really helps one to step back, take a break, and see if it applies. I love your choice of pictures. This flower just suits the “mood” of the insert.

  7. Gortday – give it a try and let me know if it works. Many years ago, in a different life I went on strike – it worked, for a little while.

  8. Ron – thank you!

  9. DL, what can I say but thank you!

  10. Bibliomom – I am glad!

  11. Tamyra – Thank you!

  12. I wanna try that Out Of Order sign too. It’s gotta be the best idea yet! Especially after this move is over.

  13. Good Luck Amy, hope it works for you!

  14. Every time I read a post here, I feel the need to slow down and enjoy the journey your words provide. In other areas, I write quickly, think quickly, click quickly and run. But I enjoy visiting here to put my own “Be back in 5 min” sign on my front door.

  15. Beth – those “Be back in 5 min” signs are even more important when you work from home!

  16. Or “Out of the Office” 🙂 Great pic!

  17. “Gone Fishing’ —- thanks Nate!

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