Something in the air…

There seems to be something in the air … nothing that I can pin point, or put my finger on – but an unrest almost and I am not quite sure what to make of it. It settled in yesterday afternoon and I had hoped that a good night’s sleep would send it on its way… but to no avail, as it seems to still be here today.

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  1. I hope you will send some reports of your vacation when you go. What do you mean something in the air? Weather? Or some anxiety related thing?

  2. I will not have a computer when I am on vacation – it is a totally comuter free week… however I will have my camera, so I will be taking lots of pictures to share when I get home.

    The something in the air was just a feeling I was having … not sure if it was anxiety related or not… it was weird!

  3. I read this and it’s almost exactly the same sentiment I read on another blog
    A UU Deist in Texas

    Have a wonderful unconnected vacation and thank you so much for the comment. The jar is a wonderful gift and the story behind it is touching. I really should write about it but if you are wondering just let me know I’d be glad to share it. This jar filled with little pieces of paper that are handwritten is my most treasured possession.

  4. I would love to hear the story!

  5. On my blog I posted the story. I’m not feeling particularly creative so I don’t know if I did it justice but I posted it for you to see.

  6. You did it justice!

  7. What a great place. the view is wonderful and I wish I were there. thanks for th post. We all seem to be enjoying it. Your blog is very interesting.

  8. Nouveaufauves thank you, not only for the visit but for your very kind comments!

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