Clean Sweep….

Of late I have been taking the stance of looking a little closer at things. I have noticed that sometimes we get so busy with life that we forget to take a really good look at things, and are missing some very important details… at least is the case with me.

For example – I took this picture of some dandelion fluff…


pretty – yes… nice picture –  sure… but… look what appears when I look a little closer…

looking in

Perhaps it is just me – but do you see the eye – middle right of this picture? Now scroll up and take another look at the first picture… see the eye now?

I have noticed hidden images in my other photos before – for example the baby bird in the orchid — which I have on my Mystic Creations blog (linked in my blog roll)

Maybe it is because I am getting older I don’t know — but of late I have been wanting to look a little closer at things,  even if those things at this moment just happen to be pictures I have taken in the past. Oh and before you ask… there is no trick here, this is how the picture came off my camera – no photo editing other than a tight crop and enlargement on the bottom picture.

What about you – What are you missing? Is it time to do a clean sweep of how you look at things?

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  1. Beautiful Truddle. I know what you mean about images within images. I’m always looking at reflections. Ron.

  2. Thanks Ron. Do you suppose the eye is a reflection? I know it is not my eye, and there was no one else about. Almost spooky!

  3. It really looks like a hidden cat’s eye.

  4. Awesome insight. I have to remind myself of that all the time – the small things do matter~

  5. They really do Amy!

  6. It looks to me like a woman’s eye that is very penetrating. That’s pretty cool. Is this the first time you have taken a pic like this. Do you have other examples?

  7. I see images within my images lots of times… such as the baby bird within the orchid – which you can see by clicking on Mystic Creations in my blog roll…. other eyes? yes I have seen those as well.

  8. Truddle, what beautiful insight, and what beautiful pictures. I find your site very restful, actually.

  9. Thank you Beth!

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