Friday Rambles….

Here we are Friday… the day before another weekend! This week seemed to go a little slower than last week – funny how that goes as each week has the same amount of days, the same amount of hours… but they pass at different speeds.

I am settling nicely into the having two computers, and am slowly as time permits, moving and arranging files so that even the old computer is working much better now. I am getting used to using the correct mouse, and the correct keyboard — that was interesting the first fiew days, with the flipping of keyboards about. Now they have settled into what I believe will be their pernament spots. I no longer feel like Captain Kirk sitting at his controls… it is all starting to seem quite normal!

Although it is the weekend coming up, I will be spending a fair bit of my weekend time working. Not only on the coding that has been keeping me very busy of late, but on some prep work for when I will be away. I need to be sure that things will still operate as they should at the times they are supposed to – which can be a trick, if one does not use great consintration… so the quiet weekend hours are a good time to do just that.

The nights are starting to cool off here – not enough that we have turned on the furnace, but we did have a small fire in the fireplace the other night, although it was more I think for ambiance than heat – it was a reminder that summer is ending. It is also that time of year where the new season of TV shows are beginning – Prison Break – Survivor — both of which Jamie and I watched – and others will start soon…. some perhaps we will watch, some perhaps not. We have decided that if we are in the house, not busy, then fine we will watch the programs, but we are not going to arrange our days and timeline around the TV – we just don’t have time for that anymore!

If the weather turns out to be nice this weekend I hope to come up for air from coding and head off with my camera to get some fall pictures — perhaps I will do this anyway even if the weather is not nice… it will be good to take breaks!

This last while has been a long run for me, and I am tired, which of late seems to be the normal for this time of year… the last rush before the quieter days of late fall / winter set in. I do have to pace myself though, and allow for breaks – the work I am doing is intense and there is no room for error due to tired eyes.

So with that said… I am heading out now… back to the land of code!

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  1. Hi! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you — I think I’m finally catching up from my non-computer time.

    The whining did improve, as I expected, with a fun-busy weekend with Daddy. (My husband is a GREAT help!) I have returned to the “I can’t hear you when you’re whining” stance I had used before, and once I did actually make him sing me his request. I had to repeat it several times, and even at two years old he was convinced that I was bonkers, but he did it! It was really funny! Thanks again for the suggestion!

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