Worth Repeating – Mouse in the House!

To give you a little taste of what life can be like in Truddle~land here is a bit that I wrote back in March of this year.


So I am sitting here minding my own business this morning, doing my early morning computer run, and Kiwi shows up in my office… but instead of coming for a cuddle… what does he do but drop a mouse on the floor This thing is alive and running!

The little furry creature runs under a stool in the corner by the door that goes out to the big deck, with Kiwi crouched and laying at wait, just beside the stool.

I am trapped at my computer!

Think Truddle!

Breath Truddle!

Being very brave I get up from my computer chair very slowly, for fear of making any movement that will scare mousy out from under the stool….

Tip toe across my office, and out the office door into the living room… closing the door to my office quietly so as not to disturb mousy.

Then run like a mad woman up stairs where my brave hunter is still fast asleep, snuggled in our nice warm bed.

Like the true brave hunter he is, he rouses himself from sleep, gets dressed and comes down the stairs.

Armed with a bucket, and a lid… he heads into the cave where the furry creature was last seen. Closing the door behind him.

I position myself on the arm of the couch, with my feet saftly tucked up under me – for fear something might nibble on my toes.

My hunter man moves the stool… and mousy runs! Kiwi Runs! My hunter runs!

Kulunk…Thunk… Crash – noises of all kinds come from over by my computer, just out of my vision range… and then I see mousy scurry across the floor back towards the stool.

I scream loudly… he went over by the table!

My hunter man runs to the other side of the office, bucket in hand….

Thunk… Kulunk… more noices….


Mousy is now under the bucket … mousy cannot go anywhere… but my hunter man can not slide the lid of the bucket under the bucket without mousy escaping… so he stands there holding the bucket firmly to the floor… looking lost as to what to do next… Kiwi circles….

Being the brave warrior woman that I am… I run to my scrapbooking supplies, and grab some chipboard that is big enough to cover the bucket, but thin enough to slip under without mousy escaping…. I slide the said chipboard under my office door… still not willing to open the door…

My brave hunter man, slides the chipboard under the bucket… then lifts the whole thing up… on strong hand on the top, the other on the bottom, Mousy is trapped! But so is my hunter man… he cannot open the door to take mousy out…

Again brave warrior woman comes to the rescue… leaving my safe post of the couch… I request that hunter man move to the other side of the office… he does so, and I quickly open all the doors to the outside so he and mousy can leave… I then quickly head back to my pearch!

Brave hunter man leaves the house…. and within 5 minutes hunter man returns without mousy.

Mousy is now living somewhere on the feild, hopefully well lost and not able to find his way back to my house!

This whole process took about 1/2 an hour, and so now I am back in my office… which hunter man declared safe….

So how is your morning going?

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  1. Funny… 🙂

  2. I can laugh now… but back then it wasn’t very funny LOL

  3. He’s out in the field telling mouse stories to all his friends about that day.

  4. Ha Ha David that is to funny! I can see him now… sitting in his rocker .. “an when I was a younin back in the day of…..

    Thanks for the giggle this morning!

  5. nice one! my morning? infinitely less adventurous than yours! 😉

  6. Narziss perhaps I should send the mouse to your house, so that you can join in on the adventrues? Just kidding – I would not wish the mouse in the house on anyone!

  7. Once again, Ms. Truddle, your make me laugh with your wonderful narratives!

  8. Awww thanks Gortie!

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