Introducing Kiwi

Last but not least of our fur kids is Kiwi – the baby of the family.


About 6 weeks old when I adopted him from the shelter – he was rescued the shelter workers said ” from under an old shed in town”. When I went to the shelter look at the gray kittens that had come in, this was the only little guy left of the litter. Sitting far back in his shelter cage, not knowing what was going on – was this little ball of gray fluff. As I stuck my fingers into the cage – the shelter worker warned me to be careful. “He is pretty wild” she said “When I put my hand in there to pat him earlier he about took my fingers off” – frustrated that my fingers could not reach the little kitten, I asked the shelter worker to open the cage so I could reach in. She was very reluctant, but after some talking she relented and opened the cage. I reached in, prepared to get scratched or bitten — but the little fluff ball just sat there – and before long there was the tiniest of “purrrrr”. In that moment the decision was made. This was to be my new kitten.


Because this little guy was scheduled for a vet visit the next day, I was unable to take him home the first day we met, and because it was the Friday of a long weekend, I was not going to be able to bring him home until after the weekend, on Tuesday. It felt like a very long wait!

But finally he was home and we have not looked back since. Bailey and Dudley all took to him right away, with no problems from either of them. We were a little concerned about how Dudley would react as he had been the baby of the family… but he was fine. Zoey, well Zoey was Zoey and she simply snubs the little guy… although these days I have caught her actually playing with him…. a lively game of tag where the two of them take turns being it.


It has been over a year now since that little boy came into our lives, and he is no longer a little bit of gray fluff but he is every bit as sweet – at least to me. The string that binds my heart to his is very strong and he is very much my cat.

And so there you have it an introduction to all of our fur kids – all who are a very big part of our family.

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  1. Kiwi is very sweet, I love to see him playing with the end of dudley’s Tail is it very funny.

  2. You are right Teri, it was funny when kiwi would play with the end of Dudley’s tail, however he does not do that so much anymore. He has found a new game called ‘hunting’!

  3. Cats are such beautiful creatures. I wish I had one so I could take his picture. But the dogs would eat him.

  4. Perhaps you could train your dogs to do otherwise? After all I would think that cats would leave a furry taste in the mouth!

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