Early Mornings

Standing on the back deck, coffee cup in hand this is the scene that presented itself to me this morning.


For as long as I can remember I have loved early mornings. I am up and about on most morning long before the sun comes up, breathing in the newness of the day.

When the kids were little I would take my morning cup of coffee and go sit out on the back steps and listen as the little birds woke from their nights sleep… watching the day come to life, and for a few blissful hours I had time to myself before the rush of the day set in. It was my time – to collect my thoughts and to gain strength – to carry on in the day-to-day struggles of parenthood.

My kids are all grown up now, with the baby being 20 and the eldest in her 30’s, but I still claim the eary mornings for myself. There are still day-to-day struggles in parenthood – I have come to realize that these will never end – but the biggest struggle I have found is allowing my children to make their own mistakes in life, and realizing they deserve this opportunity!

Now I take that first cup of morning coffee and watch the day come to life from the back deck or on the steps of Dudley’s yard. Breathing in the fresh air, and allowing it to penetrate to the core of my being.

Early mornings are my time, and I will continue to claim them for myself!

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  1. I read in one of your pages you didnt want it to be a diary, but I enjoy reading about what other peoples lives are like. Seems like you have some nice animals and some nice readers.

  2. Beautiful, truddle!

    Early mornings used to be my time too. I’ve been promising myself that I’d take back the early mornings, but so far have been unable to wake up like I used to. I think I’m still making up for the sleep deficit I experienced when I was in pain and we were living in a noisier place.

  3. Thanks Robin.

    You are right pain and noisier places can really interupt the sleep!

  4. Thanks Chris!

  5. My days start before sunrise and I get to witness many beautiful sunrises, but the only difference is I start my day with a diet mountain dew instead of coffee 🙂

  6. Beautiful shot! I share your love of early mornings and of course the cup of coffee…great post!

  7. wow this is an amazing photo! i love the mood you have created. i tend to be more of a night person, so i try to catch the other end of the day, round about sunset and shortly thereafter, for photographing

  8. Bernie, dlennis, and ankush thank you so much for the honor of your visit!

    Bernie – when I go for soda (pop), which is not often it normally mountain dew – although never in the morning… I must be to Canadian for that?

    dlennis – thank you for your kind words both on the photo and on the post.

    ankush – thank you – I was pleased with how this picture turned out as well as the one on my other blog (in the blog roll as mystic creations) – the fog helped big time!

  9. Beautiful photo, beautiful post.

    By nature I’m a morning person, but lately when the son comes up I blearily trudge downstairs and flop on the couch.

    I look forward to the days when he starts sleeping until seven (he used to!) I also look forward to the days when I will enjoy looking out my windows in the morning.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! Thank you for your words — we will try singing today! 😉

  10. Zen – Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Did you try the singing? If so how did it go?

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