Tuesday thoughts….

I had a wonderful surprise yesterday afternoon… the computer store called to let me know that my new computer was ready for pickup! I wasn’t expecting to pick it up until today. So I quickly got my office cleaned and ready for the new computer and then worked until Jamie got home

After Jamie got home from work, we headed into town and picked this puppy up, and here I am now, my first post here on my new computer!

Right now I have both my old computer and this new one set up as separate units on my desk. It was thought that I would move my files from the old computer to this new one, and then move the old computer out of my work space – and donate it to the family…. but after playing with both systems last night I am leaning towards keeping both systems right where they are! It is starting to make perfect sense to me to have the two systems in my work space. For work this would make an ideal setup… it would also help to keep the work and play separate.

Now it is not like the family would be left high and dry with no computer. They still have the old, old system setup across the office – it just means they would not get a newer one.

Keeping both computers in my workspace will mean a little bit of reshuffling but the more I sit here looking at the whole setup the more I am like this idea!

So moving on…

Our weather the last few days has been beautiful – nice warm sunny days, which almost makes one forget about the wet spring and summer we have had. I am hoping that this will stick around, or at least come back, when Jamie and I go away in October!

Both Sharlyn and Brittany are working hard in trying to convince me that we really do need to do the Halloween party again this year. This comes up every year at this time, and I always protest with much truth, that I am tired and don’t have time to go into the planning and creation of the ‘Halloween walk’ — then it seems Jamie and I come back from our holiday feeling all refreshed and rested, and we give in and go for it. I’m thinking it will probably be the same this year, I just haven’t told the girls yet. They can wait a bit longer and I want to be sure before I commit as it really is a lot of work!

Anyway time for me to dig back into work for now.

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  1. Yay to new and old computers!

    My son just donated an old hard drive to me so I’d have a place to store my photos. The idea of having two computers to separate work from play makes absolute sense to me.

  2. I am so loving this setup Robin — it does take a little bit of thought though to know what keyboard to use when, LOL but other than that this is working out real nice for me. I will have to take a picture so you can see how crazy this setup is!

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