Introducing Dudley…

I have already introduced you to Dudley in a previous post, but wanted to add a bit more before moving on to our last fur kid.


Dudley is the first dog that Jamie and I have owned together that is truly our dog. He prefers Jamie and I over anyone else in the world. When he was just a baby, we brought him pretty much every where with us, so he is very comfortable in the jeep, and has claimed the back seat as his own. He will share the space with anyone who cares to sit back there with him, but he makes it very clear that if he is going to give up some of his space, then they are going to be his pillow!

Dudley has been through several classes of obedience, and he is so good about listening, and he comes when he is called with no arguing – even if he happens to be hot on the trail of some forest creature.

A true cuddler at heart, he is always thrilled when invited on a walk with Jamie – but just as happy to lay in the living room quietly just as long as Jamie and I are there too.

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  1. I’ve really enjoyed meeting your furkids. 🙂

  2. Thanks Robin — one more to go… LOL

  3. Can we trade dogs??? Our PepperJack is so cute, but a real nightmare.

  4. Sorry MsGreene Dudley is not up for trade. Has PepperJack gone to obedience training? It really does make a big difference.

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