Introducing Bailey

This is our Bailey – he joined our family 12 years ago this coming October when he was 3 months old. .. making him about a month older than our eldest granddaughter (who I will introduce to you a bit later on).

Bailey was one of two pups left that were up for adoption… and Jamie fell in love with him the moment he saw him. We had been looking for another dog to join our family for several months, and we had decided that we wanted a Springer Spaniel – a breed not easy to come by in our area at the time, so we had to be patient with our search.


Arriving at our home when our youngest child was 8 – Bailey and our youngest quickly became best friends – and where one was you could normally find the other. Hiding go seek was a favorite game, and Bailey was always happy to be the seeker. He has a wonderful sence of smell, and it is funny to watch him look for someone. Nose and ears to the ground he will follow the scent to the exact location. Now in his elder years Bailey does not see nor hear as good as he used to, but his sence of smell is still top notch! When on a walk if Jamie gets to far out of sight, Bailey will put his nose and ears to the ground, and at a full run will criss cross the feild following Jamies exact path, including any doubling back.  He will follow the trail with diligence, even running right past Jamie – keeping his nose to the task…. and then all of a sudden he will come up on Jamie, stop and proudly look up at Jamie with his big sad eyes, and as if to proudly state “I found you dad”.

When Bailey was a puppy he required at least 3 long walks a day, otherwise he would moan and groan all night long with un spend energy. Now he will happily go on any walks you invite him on, but is just as happy to lounge in the living room.

Bailey has arthritis in his hips now, and requires 1 tylenol a night to keep him comfortable, but other than that he is doing wonderfully, and still very much full of life. We as a family have been blessed to be a part of this boys life!

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  1. He is such a cutie. My mom had a couple of those sweetie breeds. Hyper though, very hyper. They also have longevity. Her babies stayed with her for 17 & 18 years.

    I’m glad he’s still doing well.

  2. Thanks so much for visiting Tam, and leaving a comment as well 🙂

    It is true they can be a hyper breed, and such was the case with our Bailey for a long time, mind you if he got his walks in he was ok. Now he is ok…. and not so hyper all the time… just likes to be where the people are, and lets us know if we dare to leave the room without letting him know. Much like it was when the kids were little.

  3. […] sad part came when we had to say goodbye to Bailey. Having lived to see his 13th birthday, which was in the beginning of March, he died in Jamies arms […]

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