Introducing Shinner, Pepper and Honey

I thought this morning I would take a break from our inside fur kids (even though you have only met one of the four) and introduce you to our three outside furkids. (Seriously I don’t want this to be dubbed as the cat blog) (There goes Truddle with yet another cute kitty post)

All three shown here in their favorite pose – face down and nibbling away. As you can see with the rain we have had this summer these three are doing a wonderful job of putting on some winter weight!

We call this lot our big dogs!

Neither Jamie or I ride anymore ( well ok I cannot honestly say I ever rode – at least not well, the last time I was on a horse was about 23 years ago just before I got pregnant with your youngest daughter) – Jamie on the other hand used to ride a lot, and has several trophys and ribbons to show for it.

First up is Shinner and Pepper. Both of these two were born here on the farm, and are both well into their retirement years.  Both are highland pony/thouroughbred cross.


This gal is Honey and we bought her when the kids were young from a friend of ours who was looking for a good home for her. She is the same age as Pepper and is a real sweetheart.  Although when we first got her she was classed as an intermediate school pony, she did very well with our beginner children, and treated each of them with great care. She has earned her retirement!


When I first moved here some 25 or so years ago, there were 7 horses and a donkey running around.  Shortly thereafter we bought Honey, which brought us up to 8 horses and a donkey. These are the last three of that group.

Of our 30 acres these three have the run of about 28 acres of it – They are not lacking!

So with that it is over and out for me – at least for right now. It is going to be a busy day today. Jamie and I along with my camera are hitting up the fair a bit later today – as well as picking up my new computer – for which I still need to clean my office for!

(Note: Jamie and I finally sat down and figured out exactly how old this lot is. Shinner is 32, and Pepper and Honey are 30 – Like I said well into their retirement)

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  1. They’re beautiful!!

  2. Gorgeous, and yes, please don’t turn his into CatBlog… Ron 🙂

  3. amazingly beautiful, indeed.

    Just makes me a bit jealous, though! 😉

  4. A lovely blog which has a calming effect on my fevered brow.

  5. Robin, Ron, Narziss, David — thank you so much for the honor of your visit and for your kind comments.

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