Introducing Miss Zoey

To help introduce you to our family, I think I will do a little mini series to help you put a face to who I am talking about in my many ramblings.

So to start of ….


This is Miss Zoey – the queen of our household. Zoey came into our lives several years ago as a little ball of fluff from the barn. 

Over the years Miss Zoey has become a loyal member of our household. Being a comfort to the kids when they were sick, and someone to cuddle at night.  

Being the senior fur kid she is quick to remind the others that she  came first, and it is her that makes the rules and not them. True to the female cat personality she comes and goes as she pleases, in her own time, on her own schedule and not one second sooner.zoey1 

 She has proven to be a good mouser, and has worked hard over the years to keep the mice/rat population down on ‘her’ farm.

She does have a habit though of sometimes getting herself into sticky situations, where dad has to come to the rescue. Being stuck in the wall for several days during the renovation was one such time, but that is a story best left for another time.




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  1. Great photo. Miss Zoey has lovely eyes.

    Does this mean you’re turning this into a cat blog? 😉

  2. Thanks Robin … I was in the middle of writing and my computer shut down… so I never got the full introduction finished. It is done now though.

    To funny that you might think I will be turning this in to a cat blog… I hope not! But in my ramblings I do mention my fur kids, so thought I would give who ever is reading this a bit of a visual of who the heck I am talking about.

  3. Miss Zoey is the prettiest kittie I have even seen! nice picture of her.

  4. Thanks for visiting Teri, and thanks for your kind comments on Miss Zoey – she indeed is a very pretty kitty, and if truth be told… she knows it!

  5. thanks for the introduction, that is a beautiful close up of Zoey!

  6. Thank you so much for your kind comments ankush.

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