There is Beauty in Every Thistle Patch!

Here we are the last day of September! In 6 more days Jamie and I will celebrate another anniversary, in another 8 days it will be Thanksgiving here and I will have a houseful, and in 9 days I will be off of the computer and on the road to our holiday destination! So yes I am charged! It is going to be very busy times coming up…

So this morning I remembered why my ipod has not been charged in a long time — these ear thingy’s that came with it, really are not one size fit all …They downright hurt! Seriously, I’m not kidding… and when they don’t hurt they fall out! Being blessed with small ears is not always a good thing.

I do have a head set, that in the past I have used, but it is big, cumbersome and well not very attractive, nor really comfortable and this morning not working. Now I know several of you will jump in here and tell me that there is a new invention out there … small ear thingy’s  for ipods… and you will not be the first one to tell me this, Jamie has told me this several times already… I just never think of it when I am in town and in the right store.

But right now I am suffering through with sore ears as I write, listening to Roger Hodgson (from Supertramp), and he is giving me energy and peace with his songs. Have you heard him? It is well worth the trip and search to utube for a listen. You might also want to explore further and have a look and listen at Supertramp. …. and my ipod moves on to Fleetwood Mac …


So today our son and youngest child is again re-entering the nest. After a couple of rough months he is in need of peace and healing and he knows he can find it here – and so he will come home. He missed his fire season this year, other than one small fire, due to a broken ankle and having to spend several weeks on crutches. He hopes to go back next summer to give smoky the bear a helping hand, but for this year- our fire season has ended.

Sharlyn is still with us – but that time will be coming to an end soon, as the work on their house gets closer to an end she will soon be moving back home, to fluff her nest in preperation for pickles who is expected to make his appearance January 5th. Yes I am still thinking boy — but would be just as happy for another grand daughter. The ‘boy’ prediction is just a feeling I have, and over the years I have learned to go with those feelings. Right or wrong it will not matter when I hold that little one in my arms.

Empty nest? Jamie and I have yet to experience it! Jamie and I often joke that our children have a conspiracy going on – “Mom and Dad are alone! Quick – get over there!”

Thanksgiving – again will be at our house with everyone coming here — but if I don’t get serious about planning and shopping the only thing that will be on the menu is peanut butter sandwiches!

… and then is our gloreous week away – the one time of year that Jamie and I take just for ourselves. We are so not ready – there is laundry to do, lists to make … but it does not matter – we will be ready to go when the time comes and all things will be done — and after the mad rush of the week prior – the peace will be even more evident! We both have learned that there is beauty in every thistle patch!

This will also be a very busy work week – not only tying up loose end, so everything is ready for me to be away… but also with the big project I am and have been working on. For those of you who are curious about this big project I cannot tell you about it just yet… but very soon you will know and I hope it will be worth the wait!

So for now it is time for me to get out of here and get this day started, but I would like to leave you with this one thought… when you run into that thistle patch in your life… take a moment and look for the beauty… for it really is there, you just have to open your eyes wide enough to see it!

Have a great day!

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I Just Do – It Just Is…

I thought perhaps I would listen to my ipod this morning – music always seems to bring out the words that are resting inside of me – waiting to come forward.  But instead of music, my ipod gives me the message “Please wait – very low battery” It is now plugged in getting recharged….

I wonder if I made a sign and taped it to my back with that very message – “Please wait – very low battery” someone would plug me in, and give me that recharge?!?! Knowing my family – they probably would. Truddle~Land can be a very Kooky place so wearing a sign like that would not really be out of the ordinary, and in fact has been done before.

Many years ago (ok really it was not that many) – Jamie was busy working outside, Sharlyn was being his helper on this day, and was forever being sent on missions to receive this or that from here or there. Back and forth this child went – until at near the end of the day Jamie turned to ask for yet another item that was required for the task at hand, and there sat our daughter on the hill – looking into the distance at some unseen place, and attached to the back of her shirt was a sign that said “Out of Order”. The hint was well taken, and we called it a day.

We still chuckle about this moment with our daughter – how precious those memories are now!

I think that it is very wise to take the trip back in time, to revisit old memories as they really do help when your inner self is flashing you the message of “Very low battery”


I tend to ramble – I am sure that you have come to that realization all on your own.

I come here with the need to post – never knowing what I am going to say when I get here…. but the words come – from where I am not always sure. My organized clutter perhaps, it is the same when I post pictures. No rhyme or reason – I just do – it just is. I let the words and images go, allowing them the freedom to arrange themselves – for whatever reason it works for me.

As I look over at my ipod, there is a new message – “Charging” – it is true, in more ways than one. Seems today I will take the messages where ever I can get them.

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How far into forever can you see?

I am feeling much better this morning – thankfully! I am thinking that perhaps the unrest of the past couple of days is just my body telling me that I am tired.

We have less than two weeks before we go away and this is always a long hard stretch for me. I think I am feeling a little overwhelmed with all that is going on at home, and at work. My poor brain is working on overload.

I took some time this morning to look through a few pictures of our past holidays, and it has calmed me again. Given me a bit of energy which I hope will carry me through to the time when we leave. I am looking forward to our week away of nothing to think about, nothing to do.


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Something in the air…

There seems to be something in the air … nothing that I can pin point, or put my finger on – but an unrest almost and I am not quite sure what to make of it. It settled in yesterday afternoon and I had hoped that a good night’s sleep would send it on its way… but to no avail, as it seems to still be here today.

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Clean Sweep….

Of late I have been taking the stance of looking a little closer at things. I have noticed that sometimes we get so busy with life that we forget to take a really good look at things, and are missing some very important details… at least is the case with me.

For example – I took this picture of some dandelion fluff…


pretty – yes… nice picture –  sure… but… look what appears when I look a little closer…

looking in

Perhaps it is just me – but do you see the eye – middle right of this picture? Now scroll up and take another look at the first picture… see the eye now?

I have noticed hidden images in my other photos before – for example the baby bird in the orchid — which I have on my Mystic Creations blog (linked in my blog roll)

Maybe it is because I am getting older I don’t know — but of late I have been wanting to look a little closer at things,  even if those things at this moment just happen to be pictures I have taken in the past. Oh and before you ask… there is no trick here, this is how the picture came off my camera – no photo editing other than a tight crop and enlargement on the bottom picture.

What about you – What are you missing? Is it time to do a clean sweep of how you look at things?

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Introducing Ty, Carlos and Lucy

We took a bit of a break yesterday and went over to Jason and Sharlyn’s house to see the new wood floors that Jason is putting down. Wow they are beautiful, he is doing an amazing job. He has one tiny corner left to do, and then he is going to call in the guy to come and seal them. Once that is done it is sounding like Sharlyn will be heading back… which for her is good as she is chomping at the bit wanting to get pickles room all set up. That nesting thing you know. For me it will be kind of sad, as I have enjoyed having her here with us the past few months… but she is only about a 10 minute drive away so I will still see her lots.

Ty, Carlos, and Lucy were all happy to see us arrive for a visit. Things have been pretty boring for them while Jason has been working on the house… but soon there will be time for trips to the farm again!

Speaking of Ty, Carlos, and Lucy … here they are:

First up is Ty 

This is Sharlyn’s dog, who is 3 months younger than Dudley.  When we were building the cottage, Dudley and Ty spent many puppy days playing together – they were so funny together, climbing up big dirt piles then noses to the earth slidding back down again, then racing to the top to do it all over again. They are still pretty good freinds.

Then we have Carlos who owns Jason. Don’t you just love his ears! He moves them in together like this when he is really interested in something – such as the ‘ducky’ grandma is holding, and he is waiting for her to throw.


Then we have Lucy – also the boss of Jason. This little gal loves nothing more than a good belly rub and a cuddle.


I took the above pictures this summer while Sharlyn and Jason escaped for a weekend camping trip. I think they turned out pretty good.

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