This is my new for now….

Have you ever sat with a blank piece of paper and a pen… thoughts flowing like rapid fire through your brain, but still the paper remains blank? You jot a few words down, scratch them out, and start again with a new piece of paper. After several repeat tries, you crumple the lot up and throw it in the trash, walking away in frustration.Such is the way with me right now, this blog being that blank piece of paper. I change the header image – searching I suppose for the one that really fits, write and delete posts and continue to stumble along…I am hoping this blog will settle into itself soon, find it’s meaning of being if you will, and give release to the thoughts that tend to clutter up my mind. I am hoping that I will find the perfect header image soon, as the constant change is starting to bug me…  I need something there that will anchor this blog… give it meaning, give it life.

I wonder often if I should grab the posts of my old blog, and place them here… so this spot does not seem so empty… but then this is my new for now… why clutter it up with yesterday? There are ways for those who choose to see the yesterdays if they want…

I am trying hard not to turn this into a ‘Dear Diary’ type of blog … although I really do miss having a spot to allow my thoughts to run free … but do I really want to expose myself in that manner here? I have thought of pulling my ‘angel’ series over here – but again that is yesterday, perhaps it is better those are left there… in the yesterday.

So then what is the purpose? What was it that directed me here?

I suppose for now, I will keep moving in the direction of my tomorrows, and see where it leads me. I am sure I will settle in here eventually… either that or quietly drift away…

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  1. I had no idea where Bountiful Healing was going when I started it. I’m still not sure. I started it for me. Sometimes I forget that and get caught up in Blog World. Blog World is fun and interesting, but not always best for me so it helps to remember why I started my blog in the first place.

    I hope you don’t quietly drift away, but will understand if you do. I’ve done the same.

  2. Thank you Robin, your thoughts are very appreciated. I think what I will do is split this blog in two… when I have a few extra minutes to play… ha ha ha

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