Fairy Land…


I finally brought the houses in from ‘Fairy Land’ so that I can finish getting them painted.It is my hopes that come next summer they will be all set to go back out, and ‘Fairy Land’ can continue to grow. I plan also to plant several plants in the area so that the houses settle in nicely.  It will be a nice surprise for the grinds the next time they visit.For those of you that do not know about Fairy Land — this is something new that I started this year with two of my grand daughters. We selected an area in Dudley’s yard, fenced and gated it off…. and started on the creation of Fairy land. The three of us worked on this, with a little side help from grandpa, on and off for the week they were here for a visit. We brought in dirt, and interesting pieces of wood, and arranged all the houses in a nice order. Creating if you will a little fairy land.  We plan to keep this as an ongoing project, and perhaps expanding to other areas of the farm. Fun to encourage the imagination of these little ones!

*Side note: We ran out of time, so we did not get all the houses painted, and we wanted to start the setup. The grand’s know the houses will be coming back into Grandmas house to be finished up.

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