Inspiration comes in many forms….

I was reading the discussion boards this morning, and there was one post from a friend of mine that really hit home.

I just figure, if I die, I want my showers, toilets, floors and sinks to be clean, my laundry done and put away, and my sheets fresh

This simple statement – made me think…. What would people see and think if I were to die today.

As I walked around my home I started to see things in a different light. If I were to die today would I really want people to see that the floor needs washed? Would I want people to see the dust on the baseboards? Would I want them to see the misplaced items that are scattered about? I think not!

If I were to die today… would people know by looking around my home what was important to me and what was not? Would they know what to throw out and what to keep? Would the rooms of my home give them peace or panic?

Never one to leave things at the obvious I starting thinking deeper.

What about the rooms that are me. The person I was, the person I am, the person I will be.

If I were to die today would the people in my life really know who I was? Who I am? Who I wanted to be? Would people be able to remember who I really was, or would the clutter of my life fog the reality?

I think today I will do some housecleaning!

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  1. This one sure makes one say hmmmmmmmmmm…. make you think doesn’t it ??? Thanks for sharing your thoughts !!!

  2. I came by to thank you for the visit and the nice comments on my moon photo.

    Interesting thoughts. I went through something similar when we had to move my mother-in-law into a nursing home (she has Alzheimer’s). We were going through her stuff and it made me wonder what it would be like for my family to have to sort through my things. I’ve been trying to simplify ever since.

  3. Robin thank you for not only taking the time to stop by for a visist but also for your comments. I spent some time over the weekend reading your blog, and I plan to go back (hopefully later today) and add some comments.

    My best to you.

  4. […] was able to clear out a few piles that have been nagging at me. This quest I am afraid is not going to be finished over night. One pile at a time! Slow but […]

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