Can one help but wonder what our friends are thinking? Would we really want to if we could?

This is but one of my favorite photo’s of Dudley. How this little boy has come to capture my heart so completely is far beyond my comprehension – after all I am a cat person, not a dog person.To me he has a very wise soul, and is a very deep thinker. Often I will spot him in his yard, looking off into the distance as if lost within his own thoughts. Somewhere between yesterday and today. Somewhere which only he can see? When we brought him home 5 years ago come October, it was quickly apparent that he belonged with our family. He fit in so perfectly.The last of a large litter to be chosen —“every time someone came to look at the pups this one always hit beneath the shed” the owners informed us. Why then did he choose to come out from beneath the shed when Jamie and I arrived? We like to think that he was waiting for us.Unlike other puppies that we have had over the years, Dudley settled in quickly. Never once fussing at night. Never, seemingly lonely for his family. It was like Dudley has never looked back. Is it true that he is content and where he wants to be? We like to think this is the case.As a pup Dudley went through several levels of puppy school, passing all with flying colors. He remembers his lessons well, even to this day. Although there are times when excited that he will forget his manners, however a quick look from Jamie or I, will quickly remind him, and he settles with no fuss.

A cross between a black lab and boston terrier Dudley displays traits of both. He is a true part of our family!

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