Headset and Holidays…

I need a headset!

As I sit here typing, with my head tilted to the side, holding the phone firmly between my ear and shoulder this need is becomming more and more obvious….  the voice on the other end of the phone reminds me every 16 seconds or so  that my call is important to them, and to please stay on the line… followed by bursts of music that frankly is putting me to sleep! Why do I insist on torturing my self this way?!?!?! Simply put, if I hang up now… I know I will have to call again and repeat all the steps over again, so I suffer now… but a headset is now on my list of must gets!

So moving along…. just over a month and I will be on vacation – something I am so looking forward to. Although I had some time in May I was still home – with home comes the normal day-to-day stresses and chores, not to mention that my office is in my home, and my office = work. Even on ‘off’ days it is hard not to check the mail one more time… enter that one or two line of code so I don’t forget…. clean and organize my computer to help it run faster… and so on and so on — so at the end of it, May really cannot be considered a vacation. So I count down the days until October. No phone. No TV. No computer. Just quiet and re-connecting with Jamie. It will be nice!

Ok I have finished on the phone… so I need to dash back to work for a couple more hours… stiff neck and all!

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  1. You know, speakerphone is GREAT for those times too…..I use speakerphone more than I use my actual handset. LOL

  2. You know… I never even considered putting the phone on speaker phone… I don’t know why, but I have never used that feature. I will next time for sure!

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