Near the beginning of this year I selected a word, that I hoped to base the rest of the year on. My word of choice was/is Harmony.  I carefully printed out the word, and posted it not only in my office but also on my fridge. Hoping that the daily reminder would remind me to take a breath, slow my breathing and invite peace into my life.Now fast forward a few months to now. The word on my fridge looks as good today as it did on the first day it was placed there. The one in my office has kind of slumped, with the paper taking on a natural folded over type curve — looking much like me I would imagine — a little over worked, a little stressed and some what faded. Perhaps there is meaning (can one not find meaning in everything if they so choose?) in these two papers. Perhaps my priorities need to be re-evaluated? Am I putting to much of myself and my life into the task of work? Should the word resting upon my fridge not be as equally worked? Am I forgetting my family in my quest for perfection in my work?

Stepping back to the day when I hung these two words — I never really put much thought in where the words would live, only wanting to put them in two spots that I thought at the time I would notice them the most. My Office and the Kitchen seemed logical at the time. Now I wonder if perhaps subconsciously I placed each in these two locations to represent the two main areas of my life. Family and Work.

Interesting concept, and something I am sure, now that I have allowed these thoughts to surface, I will spend some time pondering.

So why did I choose the word Harmony? Honestly I have no idea, it was just the first cool sounding word that popped into my head. Perhaps next year I should spend more time choosing my word. Digging a bit deeper for what I really wish the year to be. Perhaps the word Balance would be better fitting.

I know I spend far to many hours working, this is not new to me. I just never sat down and gave myself a chance to think about what it meant – what it was/is costing me. What I am giving up when I put in those extra hours, those extra days. Maybe it is time to pay a little more attention to the things that really do bring Harmony to my life. Maybe it is time to allow the word that sits on my fridge the opportunity to look a little more used. Maybe it is time to let these two worlds that make up my life join together to become one, with equal time spent on both – not allowing one to overtake the other, but making the right choice if I have to pick between the two.

Is Harmony possible between these two worlds?

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