This is my new for now….

Have you ever sat with a blank piece of paper and a pen… thoughts flowing like rapid fire through your brain, but still the paper remains blank? You jot a few words down, scratch them out, and start again with a new piece of paper. After several repeat tries, you crumple the lot up and throw it in the trash, walking away in frustration.Such is the way with me right now, this blog being that blank piece of paper. I change the header image – searching I suppose for the one that really fits, write and delete posts and continue to stumble along…I am hoping this blog will settle into itself soon, find it’s meaning of being if you will, and give release to the thoughts that tend to clutter up my mind. I am hoping that I will find the perfect header image soon, as the constant change is starting to bug me…  I need something there that will anchor this blog… give it meaning, give it life.

I wonder often if I should grab the posts of my old blog, and place them here… so this spot does not seem so empty… but then this is my new for now… why clutter it up with yesterday? There are ways for those who choose to see the yesterdays if they want…

I am trying hard not to turn this into a ‘Dear Diary’ type of blog … although I really do miss having a spot to allow my thoughts to run free … but do I really want to expose myself in that manner here? I have thought of pulling my ‘angel’ series over here – but again that is yesterday, perhaps it is better those are left there… in the yesterday.

So then what is the purpose? What was it that directed me here?

I suppose for now, I will keep moving in the direction of my tomorrows, and see where it leads me. I am sure I will settle in here eventually… either that or quietly drift away…

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Magical Moments…


Magical moments often come in the form of a whisper!

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Fairy Land…


I finally brought the houses in from ‘Fairy Land’ so that I can finish getting them painted.It is my hopes that come next summer they will be all set to go back out, and ‘Fairy Land’ can continue to grow. I plan also to plant several plants in the area so that the houses settle in nicely.  It will be a nice surprise for the grinds the next time they visit.For those of you that do not know about Fairy Land — this is something new that I started this year with two of my grand daughters. We selected an area in Dudley’s yard, fenced and gated it off…. and started on the creation of Fairy land. The three of us worked on this, with a little side help from grandpa, on and off for the week they were here for a visit. We brought in dirt, and interesting pieces of wood, and arranged all the houses in a nice order. Creating if you will a little fairy land.  We plan to keep this as an ongoing project, and perhaps expanding to other areas of the farm. Fun to encourage the imagination of these little ones!

*Side note: We ran out of time, so we did not get all the houses painted, and we wanted to start the setup. The grand’s know the houses will be coming back into Grandmas house to be finished up.

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Morning Visitor


I was deep in code this morning when movement outside the window caught my attention, getting up from my desk to see what it was I seen this little fellow and his mama passing by. I grabbed my camera and headed for the front deck, where I was just in time to snap this picture before the two of them disappeared. Not the best picture, but cute just the same 🙂

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A Meeting of the Moon


I have been waiting to see the moon for the past week, but because of cloud cover, and the fact that I had been going to bed early I seemed to keep missing it. Finally last night the moon and I had a meeting!

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Monday Mumblings….

I spent the weekend on what felt like over load… frayed if you will around the edges. My hopes of a productive, but somewhat relaxing weekend did not happen. Not that it was a bad weekend or anything, it just did not pan out the way I had hoped.

I am in the process of looking for a new computer — although the thought of a brand new baby to play with is always exciting, the hunt is always stressful. I cannot afford to end up with a dud ~ my lively hood is based on these machines, so having one that does not work could be detrimental! Any reading this that want to share words of wisdom, what to look for, what to watch out for — please do, your thoughts will help me in this process and will be greatly appreciated!

I think the frayed part comes with the to many things going on in my life right now, but not enough focusing on the moment. Everything is on a broad range right now, almost out of focus. I am missing the clear image.  Not unusual for this time of year for me. Jamie and I go away for a week every October to celebrate our anniversary. Our gift to each other. This really is the only holiday away from reality I get throughout the year. One that is very healing, rejuvenating, and so needed. When the time starts to get close, as it is now, the need for the trip seems to increase. By the time the holiday is over all those frayed ends will be weaved back in where they belong. Does that make sense to anyone else?

I was able to clear out a few piles that have been nagging at me. This quest I am afraid is not going to be finished over night. One pile at a time! Slow but steady.

I am still working on the baby blankets that I am crocheting for ‘pickles’ — switching between the two depending on the weather. One should be finished within the next day or so, depending on how much time I have to work on them.

I also spent a little time on the weekend reading some amazing blogs. One in particular really captured my heart.

Bountiful Healing  written by a lady who as I discovered in reading her blog is a grandmother and close to the same age as me. Her pictures are beautiful and her writing is captivating! Well worth the visit and the read. I will be returning to this one often.

I also stumbled onto a few flickr photos in my travels and one stopped me dead in my tracks. If you have not seen it it is a must see/read.  Stoneth . Click on the photo’s – read the stories – Stop don’t pass by….

So now my break is over and I am heading back into work.

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